Nurse RN with stethascope

Karen Karnaky, known as Miss Karen, is a clinical facialist and aesthetic nurse.  For the past fourteen years, she has worked in day spas, medical spas, plastic surgery offices, medical clinics, reconstructive plastic surgery at the hospital, skincare product distribution centers, skincare equipment sales and as a beauty school instructor.

With Miss Karen’s passion, she can help you to have the skin you deserve.  Miss Karen believes you can have beautiful skin at any age no matter what your background.  She has the tools and products to make a change and educates you on what is needed outside of the facial room.  She has worked with teens, students, mothers, entertainment industry celebrities and royalty.  We all want beautiful skin and can achieve it with Miss Karen.  She has compassion to help and be your one-on-one skincare coach.

Call or text 512-808-6833 for more information or if you would like to book an appointment.